Thursday, May 29, 2014

I have been better

Been a bit under the duvet of late. Must be the weather, or life or something. Apologies.

Still, I have managed to slosh some film in some'stuff' to show you these. Freshish from the Vivitar UWS&S 'camera' that was taken out to the tub on account it would probably float such is the flimsyness of its construction. And it can be brill for taking snaps - if you don't load it with really old pre-fried HP5 film from a dubious source deep in the backwoods of  a post Soviet 'stan. Still, you get the idea and I don't feel up to doing some more at the moment. I'm drinking my green tea and oooming for all I'm worth. Bound to make me better.

That's Eve and everything. Doing something important with the end of the wire string that lurks at that end. The steering stick is at the other end so you get your bearings. You can see the wild sea that was raging! Look at those waves eh? Sammy the seal did that. Oh, and the wonderful Lifeboat peoples . Though I didn't think that was what they were for. Maybe they had nothing to do eh?

Oh, that's Eve too. paddling back to shore through the wild seas. Couldn't ge the mechanical paddling device to work so we had to revert to the human one! I did my bit. Hence me being a tad creaky I shouldn't wonder! The lifeboat is on its way in - again. And that's Gerald's lovely Ammonite too.

I did get some snaps though.

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