Friday, May 09, 2014


There's a fine exhitbiton coming up at An Lanntair soon. Opening this coming Friday it's work by exile from the islands Mary Morrison who informs me she lives in the Borders now - though originally from Scalpay - that lovely little blob on the landscape nearish Tarbert, Harris.

I just happened by yesterday when herself and The Artist formerly known as Jon were hanging the work. All looks right lovely and well worth the trip down to see it in it's reality. In fact, there's an opening gambit on Friday - drinks and chat. I'm  working don't you know - but not there.

On another note, I'm taking some musical instruments down to Mr Toots' place later. He is going to do some of his mighty fine snaps of them in the near future. If I take them over, Toots will have to do the snapping quickly before Mrs Toots starts to mention the extra mess of my dust-covered twingy and squawky things.

I leave you with today's 'sketch' of a print to come. Taken with Fujica SLR on Kodak Fine grain Positive copy film. As you do.

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gz said...

you can't call that a "still" photograph!