Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Old film, old photos

Some years ago a chap who runs a photo shop in Manchester - a proper photo shop minds you that sells film cameras and the like - yes,  second-hand - gave me an envelope with some negs in. I have looked at them before but last evening decided to rescan these two. Always amazes me how fine the negs are. Taken through a Leica lens I was told. Look how finethe grain is and how sharp the things are - even the kid flying through the air. It's Agfa film - I can see that by the sprocket holes but don't know what sort or what speed it might have been.

Does anyone have any idea?

Must have been 1940s I should think.

Manchester Fallowfield Stadium perhaps.

Could be anywhere!

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gz said...

The Pirate says that those helmets came in in the late 40s