Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Proper office

Now that's a proper office! My old office at the Velodrome in Manchester -some years ago now!. I'd migrated to a shed like room under the main stand after a large piece of concrete fell through my office ceiling downstairs when the earth shook in a minor earthquake we had. I mean, they called it an earthquake [August 2007] , it shook and everything, the roof made a right old racket, the concrete on the track edge where I was stood at the time moved - wobbled even but the riders on the track - didn't notice anything at all. Typical.

I think there must have been one of the International Tandem events I organised imminent when I snook this snap as I didn't usually have 8 tandems in the office. four maybe but there were some of the Irish team's bikes there too. And Eve's bike and mine there somewhere too.

I organised for Sir Hoy of Hoy to ride the tandem on Blue Peter once. I have a Blue Peter badge to prove it though Sir Hoy has a Gold Peter badge. Isn't THAT just typical!

Don't forget a Tour of Britain cycle race starts on the 7th. If you are nearby, do go and give it your support!

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