Friday, June 20, 2014


That man Micheal Kenna, the photographist of note who makes images in a style that has others imitating him in droves doesn't do it at all. He gets others to do it. Developing the films that is. Apparently Mr Kenna just prefers the darkroom printing - that many never do at all.

I on the other hand like developing film and darkroom printing although can't claim any talent in either direction. As long as I get something to shine a light through to make an image, I'm usually satisfied. One doesn't want to produce images like everyone else anyway.

All the same, from time to time I do take snaps like everyone else. This time with the Minolta 505si and Foma100 film. I sloshed it in Acurol-N [1-100 20mins] and ended with these.

From a visit to Gemma and William in Cromor.


Evelyn Dunstan said...
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Evelyn Dunstan said...

Such a lovely afternoon we had!