Friday, June 20, 2014

we meant to

Of course we meant to float about the harbour in  a semi-uncontrolled way. We faked the outboard cutting out just so we could have a closer look at another boat - obviously. The perspiration on my brow was real though - but one is a good actor. We faked the stumbling aboard Freyja, our wee boatee too. Makes everyone feel so much better when they see others almost falling in.

A mentor of mine, them lovely full time boatists aboard the good ship Hannah in Stornoway  harbour at the moment told me that's the way to go. Toots and her human pets Mick & Bee live aboard this wonderful boat all the time, sailing here and there around the globe leaving a trail of friends in their wake. I'm amazed they stayed two nights here since the place feels like Southampton with all the people, sailing boats and cruise ships in the place. If it wasn't for our Freyja being in the harbour, qi gong being run in a place in Stornoway, the arts centre, Eve's work and a lot of my work being there too, I'd stay here in Tolsta till it get's quiet again. But it is busy. I blame the papers telling everyone how nice it is here..... STOP IT!

Eve's steers the blow-up back to land using the mechanical paddling device while Hannah fills up with ,,, something - perhaps it's ice for their gins :-) 

Back on Freyja, Eve reads all about the en-suite. Of which the less said the better.

A block of floating flats in harbour disgorges its inmates into Stornoway while I cower below.

Apologies for the snaps again. I have a enough problem stopping myself taking a swim the cold sea to use a proper camera - hence the Konica Point & Shoot and 400s film in ID11. Old re-used several times ID11

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