Monday, July 07, 2014


Don't ask me what AUDAX is. Look here and you can read to your hearts content.

We had a brilliant Audax here on the island over the weekend. nearly 90 erbs braved the local weather to ride courses over 300km and 110 km on Saturday and 200km on Sunday.

No, I didn't ride. Eve did but I did help out battling to stay awake while awaiting riders at The Butt of Ness for hours on end. Brilliant organisation by Ian Gilbert [aka Mr Windy] and fantastic cycling by everyone.

A gaggle of riders pass an old boatee on the way to a welcome soup at the Loch Erisort Inn on Sunday.

Proper scenery to gaze at while cycling along.

Yes, well. There is always one.

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Gemma :) said...

Congratulations Eve! Great photos Andrea :)