Thursday, July 03, 2014

That's it; I'll never make my bed again!

Didn't seem to do Tracey Emin any harm did it?

Not sure Eve would be too happy as it happens. Very particular is our Eve. And so she should be. See here, that's the Isle of Lewis. Yes, sunshine, hot sunshine too and trees. And everything.

Now, don't get any funny ideas about coming up here to visit there's plenty of souls here already.

I went out to the wee boatee to sort out the mechanical paddling device - only to find one has to fuel the thing! Got that sorted and took myself out for a sail - till the wind went.

Got this nice little camera from a very kind friend who has now got a electrical imaging machine. This new to me camera is so easy to use - does it all for you. Except developing the film - foma100 which I did in Acurol-N which is becoming a favourite of mine. There you are, I've said it.

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