Friday, October 17, 2014


We thought it was going to be good when the first tune accompanying the lithe young things on stage was played by the Kronos Quartet. I mean, the KQ weren't there more's the pity, just a musical facsimile of the band. The real thing were in Missouri, or Belgrade or somewhere like that. The dancers didn't mind, they leapt around the stage so wonderfully anyway. Looking for all the world like little things who leapt around a lot, enjoying themselves and looking fantastic. Which they did and were. Fantastic that is.

Copyright; Alexey Brodovitch

I liked that piece, I liked the red piece and the dark one and the drumming one and ... well, I liked it all actually. Twas the Scottish Ballaye doing their touring thing. And I for one was very pleased they did it.

When two t-shirt and jeans clad erbs came on stage it worried me a tad. I wondered if they had wandered in from the Lewis Bar down the road. Only, I was wrong, two more appeared so I imagine they must have come from the Carlton Bar up the road too. All the same they did a nice dance. We laughed at the right bits [I think]. Clapped when it was over and pretended we didn't know where they came from.

I loved the little solo minuet between two pieces too. The rolling of the carpet - although the lighting was a bit off at this point. I alone applauded and am sure the dancer appreciated my deep knowledge of the genre.

On to the last, the major work, their opus majorati where I notice that the great John Waters seemed to be dancing. I mean, it looked like him but now I notice on the tinternet that he's about 68 and a half now so perhaps I got that wrong. Whoever it was could dance a bit.

The costumes were lycra which I thought was the cyclists' material. Apparently not. They did show their knickers a lot though. Maybe that's a Scottish thing!

No, no snaps of the dancers. Not allowed they said.!
Well, look here here and here.

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