Friday, October 17, 2014

The epitome of a modern Viking

The venue is right. The sheeps are right - Icelandic and lovely too. The man is right. Fierce looking but lovely. I mean, really lovely. Welcoming and what have you with a couple of beard rings.

This was out over Lemreway area. We'd been to see The Vikings loom shed, marvelled at the view, The Croation man from Croatia took some snaps, William wandered here and there. This might be Mr Viking telling us about Clara - his bestest sheeps. Or not.

They may be Icelandic but they know how to pose all the same. They will produce wool so The Viking and his partner can spin it and produce cloth. Nice eh? That is if the world doesn't end before the end of the week - not that I'm feeling pessimistic or anything.

Oh look. Please, somebody give him a longboat to play in!


Jacqui said...

Oh I met the Viking a few years ago at a lambing course, before he even had the sheep. I'm glad to see that he has his flock now. Xxx

gz said...

Can we please meet the Viking next time we visit? (unless he leaves in a longboat,of course!)