Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Here we go

Whoa! I like this. I mean, really like this.

Obviously it's Stornoway. On a wet day. Wet and windy as it happens. Camera was a lovely Zorki4 with Jupiter12 lens and film Polypan-f in Rodinal - if you talk camera you know what I mean.

Yes, I am sure Lowry came here .


Keith said...

I love it . . .

Steven Reynolds said...

I have a Zorki 4k with the Jupiter lens. In many ways a lovely camera, I like most things about it... Except for the fact that what you manage to glimpse by squinting through the viewfinder seems to be only vaguely connected with the image that appears on the developed negative. Often fancied one of those Rusdian finders, in case that helps.... But they seem to go foor ten times the cost of a Zorki.

I am on my way to The Isle of Harris tomorrow!
Don't get there until Saturday 'cause it is a long way.... If you see someone looking confused with a Kiev 88 scratching his head and trying to work out what the knobs do.... That'll be me.