Thursday, October 09, 2014

Not sure what's happened.

Must be the work I have to do. You know, the pressure and all that. Seem to be a bit o'er tired at the moment. The CFS  seems to have me in it's vice like grip and all that - at the moment. It goes like that you know. Me 'ead falls off, rolls down the stairs and I find 'life' troublesome. I'll get right soon, promise.

In the meantime here's another snap from our little break off island. Took it with a film camera - OM1n - as it was the only 35mm one I had with me. The film was B&W - and I can't remember what type of developer I used to make the picture 'come out' as we used to say.

Spainland. A nice bit.

I loved all that; "did I come out on that picture? " and all that sort of thing. Not that we were enquiring as to whether we had come out of the closet - although I have I might add - but as to whether the snap had developed properly, was in focus, had the right exposure and the heads weren't chopped off sort of thing. You younger beings who are all dig*tal and everything are missing out on that!

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