Friday, November 14, 2014

This is a Sheeps. This is what they look like

A sheeps

This is a sheeps. A boy sheeps I think. That's why it's standing there all sort of stroppy scruffy looking, eyeing me to keep me out of his lair. My pal Mr Batty got bashed up badly by one of these beasts a few years back so I am tad wary in their company.

This is a car. There's always cars here, except when there's not then there are camper vans lurking, their inhabitants stalking the beach, minding their own business unaware of the beasts in their lair - although the sheeps are not always here. 

Anyway, this is what a car looks like. On the island anyway.

1 comment:

gz said...

We'll have to come and have a look then and bother you!!

Hopefully we will have a "swell" crossing and not suffer from the swell!