Thursday, November 13, 2014


Adventurers should not be called Trevor. Jean-Luc or Daedalus perhaps or some such other name would be better really. Sounds much more adventurous don't you think. Only I met a Trevor who is very ventursome. Sails all over the shop. Built his own boat, spent winters in Greenland and Antarctica as well as visiting An Lanntair. Someone should sign him up to give a talk.

I visited the fine fellow on his boat Iron Bark, parked in the Stornoway marina. Looked a bit like a younger Fidel Castro to be honest but is in fact Australian. Well, no sooner had I said hello - that's the sort of person I am, passed over our mutual friends greetings [Mick, Toots & Bee - Hannah] than I - along with my human pal Toots Wislon were invited on board for a fine cup of coffee. Obviously he must have been told of my sailing exploits and was enthralled by my tale of our voyage across the wild seas to Cromor. And back. Don't forget we came back too. All in a day and everything. I think Mr Trevor was suitably impressed -especially seeing he took at least six months to go to Greenland and back. I eased back a bit on the truths of our hardships a tad least he be put off from sailing again. You can see how obviously thrilled he was at my stories in the picture below.

Trevor's home built boat - Iron Bark - is extremely well founded and equipped although a bit spartan with not even a curtain at the windows. How he stopped those wolves looking at night on the ice in Greenland I'll never understand. Anyway, the coffee was lovely and we were made most welcome.

I took the above snap with my old Keiv6c camera - an old Soviet affair that seems to have lost it's thing on the front of the lens to help stop glare. I think it must have fallen off sometime in 1989.

Anyway, it was time to leave Iron Bark and we bid farewell to this intrepid traveller - and I do think he was sad to see us leave although he did put a brave face on.

Many thanks for the look-see and the stories. Most enjoyable time Sir.

If you see the fine fellow around do say hello - he is likely to be around most of the winter we were told.

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