Monday, December 01, 2014

I can't even think of a title today

What day is it today? Eh?

It is Friday when I write this anyway. The sun has been shining, my head banging - must have been the sailing that did it!
Anyway, I have this little snap
Here it is.
I like it.
Do you?
Please tell me.
Please write something. Pretty please.


Evelyn Dunstan said...

A great photo, very atmospheric... and it captures how I'm feeling today!

gz said...

A very good photo. Monday already here and feeling overwhelmed

Keith said...

You are getting soooo good at these - very consistent. Really nice, should do a blurb book.

Steven Reynolds said...

It reminds me a bit of the work of Adrian Ensor.

Hmmm..... Just found his website. Nothing on there remotely like this, because he makes his living as a fine art photography printer, so it is all sharp and in focus and stuff....

But, the pics I've seen that he takes himself are very... 'Impressionistic'? Just enough recognisable to convey the mood, or the feeling, or the idea. Or, something.