Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Now, I don't do this very often

Sleep evaded me the night before last so, once the shop van run thing had been completed I retreated to my bed and slept. For a while you understand. Not all day. Oh no. I later looked and found this 'stuff' via various sources [http://www.jeromelorieau.com http://www.caferoyalbooks.com ]. Stuff so engaging that you simply MUST drop everything and go and watch these short videos by Daniel Meadows. And then go and peruse his website. It'll be good use of time, trust me.



Joe V said...

Those are wonderful videos, I watched them through in one sitting.

John said...

Thank you for the links. It was good to revisit some of this work, but even better to find archived projects I had not seen before, as well as the links to the resources. Very appropriate for the 40th anniversary of the Co-Optic Group.