Saturday, March 07, 2015

As you well know, I don't 'do' landscapes

This just happened. I think I might have got over enthusiastic in enthusing Ms Hunter to get the landscape done. I pointed the camera out of the window of the car just to show how it is done and it inadvertently went off. Sorry and all that.

Now that's better. Proper portrait of a Viking in a place with added sheeps. And snow. Very impressive bit of sheeps leading I have to tell you. Keith the Viking sure has a way with his beasts. Perhaps it was the food in his hands. Mmm, possibly.


John said...

The non landscape picture is very nice. Very James Ravilious in mood. Lovely.
The unintentional landscape isn't bad either.

Harvey said...

Lovely horizontal hill portrait!

gz said...

Impressive snow too!

GB said...

You may not 'do' landscapes but when you don't do them you don't do them very well. Does two negatives make a positive in those circumstances or should I just have spoken plain English?