Friday, March 06, 2015

With Eve

I went to that abroad place, the one over the sea nearer the sun than here with Eve, my dearest partner.

Here she is all loaded down in the sunshine with sixteen layers. You get used to preparing for 'weather' [like the current snow here] and when that glow of something in the sky appears and the temperature rises out of single figures, you resort to lugging the lot around. This was there.

This probably was looking for there. Tis a map. Possibly a map of the abroad place but there are so many flaws on the neg it's hard to tell. It is Eve though, I am sure of that. Pretty sure anyway.

We found this little canal lurking just before it leapt into a tunnel where we ventured not. We might have had we known it came out again but we couldn't be sure. We waited for ages to see a canal boat but nothing came, so we we went back.

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GB said...

A delightfully whimsical post. Just what I needed on a morning like this. I'm house bound.