Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Been living

See that? It's a nice wall that surrounds an old 19th C burial ground out near Ranish. Actually, now I look it up it has moved into Crossbost. No idea how that happened.

I woke that morning with my head firmly implanted up my derrière - no wonder I have such a bad tummy. Still, since the sun decided to show itself I took our little noddy car down the road a mile or three to have a walk on the slightly wild side. By the sea - which isn't all that difficult when you live on an island like this.

You see, sometimes I have days like this when I cannot face people - myself included.

A bigger camera came with me loaded with some Foma400 so would have less focussing issues with the 50mm lens and strolled up to this place.  We have been here before and it hasn't changed that much. No coows there at present to haunt me just few sheeps in the next field.  I pointed the BC and snapped it all up. It looked a bit like this snap above.

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gz said...

At least you have good places to go when life takes you like that.
I like The Wall