Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Snap, snippitdy snap. Chimp

The Abroad place again. So long ago I'm finding it difficult to remember where it was. Four hour flight from Scotland - after a one hour flight from the island here. Far enough. Too far actually.

Anyway, caught this one holding her book thing at the sun. Presumably to make is shine stronger. What's that all about then? On the bored walk too :-)

This one tried it too in Saga gardens or wherever it was. Someone else had already eaten all the pies - obviously.

Oh well, at least we got too see a lovely Saree at last. I took a snap too.

Was too much to miss here. Everyone was at 'it'. Here, abroad, in Saga gardens or wherever it was.

I knew I was in trouble being old enough for Saga Gardens, having a snippitdy snap thing in my hands [and another in my bag]. I tried being younger. Thought about being younger a lot. It didn't work. I came home even older than before.


Dave said...

There is no better place than Madeira for a winter holiday when one is in need of a warm up. The food can be good too.

Andrea Ingram said...
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Andrea Ingram said...

Ah, so you have been to Saga Gardens then David ;-)

Dave said...

Of course, I like mountains that have a car park on top.