Thursday, March 19, 2015


Saw some BSE wine in a nice looking bottle cooling in the refrigerator. It did not tempt me to try it, whatever it was.

The cafe was nice-ish though. Had a cup of tea here. That lady didn't turn round and look at us once! Doesn't she know who we are? All the same, we had a salad on a plate here too.

Yes, it was in that abroad place which turned out to be Madeira. Nice, quite nice actually although I wouldn't go again! Too many people!


Keith said...

I figured it was Madeira. The guy with the black hair and the tuna - I fancied I'd seen him somewhere before. I reviewed my pics from a transatlantic cruise that stopped in Madeira, and there he was - hair as black as pitch . . . .

Andrea Ingram said...

Brilliant :-)