Friday, March 20, 2015

I'll think of another title - soon

See that? We don't live there but it is on 'our' island. Nearly anyway. Harris rather than Lewis and near Scalpay to boot. But isn't Harris and Lewis all the same place? I THINK NOT! Or some people think not.

Nice though isn't it? Yes is the answer. I like it - a lot.

Please don't come here. Not in the summer - too many camper vans blotting the landscape. Come in the winter when you get to appreciate the horizontal rain, the howling winds and the few hours of what is laughingly called daylight.


gz said...

We love it're so fortunate to live there

GB said...

Come now! A plethora of camper vans? There's fewer here than just about anywhere else even if you might find three parked at Ardroil on a sunny day in August.

Michael McNeill said...

Lovely shot - great perspective and v moody.