Saturday, March 21, 2015


Anyone know about Tweed? I know a bit. We are surrounded by the stuff up here. Weavers all over the place including here in the village. Yes, we live on Lewis and the tweed up here is called Harris Tweed. Virtually all the weavers for Harris Tweed are on Lewis - makes sense doesn't it!

Even Keith The Viking weaver is on Lewis. The mills are on Lewis too. That's where the cloth is finished. Woven in the weavers at home and finished in the factory then sold to the world.

There's a posh tweed shoppe in the toon - Stornoway that is - but I can't afford to look in there. But there's hope as there is the Lewis tweed centre [or something like that] on Bayhead located up a ginnel in an old decrepit building. It's great inside though. Mr Man is very interesting, the place is full of 'stuff' tweed. So took the girl Olivia Lucrecia Flynn Hunter to see him with her handler Dad Hunter.

This was then.

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