Friday, April 17, 2015


I still have a few miles of Polypan-f copy film in the fridge. I use it from time to time with varying results. Best of all the stuff, shot at 100 and developed in Rodinal 1:100 can be nice and crispy.

This is not developed in Rodinal but Acurol-N - at 1;100. I know one shouldn't but I did and I'm not sure about it - bit muddy and all that. Having said that it might be them ducks who make it muddy. Granted the snap was taken towards the drizzly sun, the dusks weren't keen and demanded recompense - which they didn't get I might add.

This old boat stood still long enough for me to get this action shot. Again with the OM1n and Polypan-f but developed with Rodinal. Nice eh? Not bad for 1s / 3d a roll. The boat is at Brevig harbour where several boats of this ilk seem to be retirement - or at least in respite!

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