Thursday, April 16, 2015


There's this road here in the village. It goes just down from here [over there] to there [pointing]. It nice too - especially on the day when the sun shines. Curves wonderfully and the land lies just right, the grass waggles a bit in the soft breeze and the fence post threaten to throw them selves down the cliff onto a beach.

I believe it's classy tarmac too - but that's not an area of expertise for me. I'll ask the local MP as they have an opinion on everything.

The road ends here - just where the path to Tolsta Head begins. I was out there with The Crofter and his fiancée as they took the long walk to find sheeps. There's a house here too - to the left of the hut and thing that looks suspiciously like a Steve Dilworth rip off - only with less usefulness.

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gz said...

you've got a bit of sun too!