Friday, May 08, 2015

Bin there, done that

Now, a few days ago, my reader mentioned [in a rather cutting way that sent me into a spiral of despair ending the consumption of two, yes 2 chocolate cream eggs] about a bin in a portrait of the road I snapped. I am sure Mr Ravilious would have done the same had the plastic bins been around at the time and there had been nice light, an urchin or two playing with a lamb with the sun behind them.

So I went out today with a plastic 'camera' of the very cheap kind that has no controls and took some more 'DustbinScapes'. I like the first one with big dustbin although the Loch behind rather detracts fro it - as does the quality of the snap. The sun was shining you see and that threw me - had the wrong film in the 'camera' and compounded that by over-developing it.

The second snap is a dream - or perhaps a nightmare - although not sure who put the car there. At least the car blocks out some of them stone lumps behind. Imagine.

Now, the piece of resistance. An assemblage of dustbins in toon.

All took with the wonderful Reader's Digest PN 919 . Plastic at its worst to complement the plastic dustbinscapes.

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