Thursday, May 07, 2015

Portraits of people

Now, lets put this in perspective. I took this snap a while back. I was younger and with my little sister in East Berlin in the sunshine with a camera and all that. The locals didn't seem that keen on talking to us - suspecting our spying intents no doubt - and the night in the folk club serving nice beir hadn't happened. Although, I might add here, the night involving nice beir in a bar somewhere in the west of Berlin had. The print I have is small, scanned badly and is reproduced here because I can. As you may notice, I had already found out that being in focus is for the weak!

On the other hand, I took this snap last week. I was older but plainly not wiser - the camera almost got Douglas the lock-keeper at Laggan Locks in focus. Nice chap. We liked him.

I have a cold now. My head is aching, nose running, throat sore and I am whinging. I do that you know.

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Dave said...

I find whinging to be most therapeutic so do it a lot, most of the time actually; unless I have a cold in which case I'm too busy searching for the undertakers phone number to whinge.