Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bucolic Tolsta

Oh, what a tranquil scene. Hector sat on his re-chassied quad while Ishbell his lovely wife fills the trailor with straw stuff in the garage. The peats await burning and a horse cloddops down the lane in the sunshine.
Tolsta eh?


Keith said...

. . . Nice

James R stuff. Bought a DVD of his life recently from the UK. Won't play on my Canadian equipment though - they still treat us like a colony ;-)
I'll get it figured out.

Keith said...

. . . forgot to mention. I can actually see a shadow in that pic. That's rare isn't it?

gz said...

looks tempting...even allowing for the times of sideways rain!!

Keith said...

In Canada we get sideways snow or ice pellets - except when it is 27 degrees C (now) - in the other season ;-)