Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy campers

The usual influx of campers in their mobile gizmo carriers are here. Find a car park, a deserted bit of old road, a nice view [pretty much everywhere as it happens] and you are likely to find a camper van.
Found this odd looking German registered possibly ex-military van in toon the other day. The sun was shining then - it's peeing down now. I hope they have something to do!

I'd dug out an old PentaxP30 slr for a change and I wasn't sure the exposure thing was indicating correctly. I clicked things about a bit and now I've developed the Tmax400 film in Firstcall Superfine developer, all the negs look just great. Apart from the subject matter that is.

1 comment:

gz said...

we might have seen that camper at Drumlanrigg castle ToB finish.....must check the photos I took thee.....