Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A little bike ride

No, of course I didn't do a bike ride - but Eve did. Pedalling her lovely purple bike here there and everywhere on the island. All part of the Hebrides Auda event organised by the wonderful Windy Gilbert an Mrs Gilbert.
I helped - a bit. Stamped cards at Huisnish for the riders, pointed the way and everything. Granted there was only one way due to Eddie - my co-car stamper  - and being at the end of the road. A truly terrific 12 miles of wonderful views, hills and coows.

Two Audaxers having benefited from the pointing arm, take off back up the road from whence they just came.

See, we were here. Nice innit? Sort of Clacton by the sea but with style, and quietude.

Twas a lovely day too - apart from the lashing rain and all that. Apart from that it was lovely.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

It truly looks like a beautiful day for sure. And I have been updated totally, and can now kind of sit back and read the blog from day to day like... At least at times when I feel I have to look back to look for something that I know I have seen somewhere on your blog, or elsewhere but think might have been on your blog.
Anyway, I hope your fingers and things feels a lot better, and that you just had something that passed by quickly.
Thanks for loads of great reading, and a huge bunch of truly great photos. I will certainly be coming back to some of them one day :))