Tuesday, August 18, 2015

falling apart

I think I'm falling apart. I notice that my hands have been sore for a while. Joints and palms. I thought it must be Dupuytrens Contracture - as I have previously had treatment for that - cutting stuff out and what have you - but now I'm not so sure. I think arthritis has set in. My fingers are swollen along with the pain. Me hands feel hot and I had a right struggle to get my engagement ring off as it was digging into the flesh and causing pain. I use the 'cotton wound round finger trick' in conjunction with olive oil. It came off but not without a lot of shouting on my part as it hurt. A lot.

Anyway, here's a snap - using the Kodak TWin20 of a lampost in Northton, Isle of Harris, home of the very fine Temple cafe.


Keith said...

I started falling apart 20yrs ago. It's how fast you fall apart that matters. Believe me.

Don't worry about it.

ADRIAN said...

This doesn't sound good. I hope you find a cure. Perhaps you ought to have mentioned it to the vet the other day. Vets are very good.

Dave said...

Keep taking the pills, they don't do any good but I find they make me feel better. Lots of good advice here for once. :-)
Commiserations in heaps.