Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lights in the north

No, no, I have no snaps of the Northern Lights. You can see the over-coloured snaps elsewhere. Suffice to say it was the most amazing show I've seen. Wavy curtains of green and red with touches of purple. Searchlights of something and banks of something else right overhead. I was so excited I forgot to get cold - although it is rather mild up here at the moment.

I didn't sleep. Not sure whether it was the show overhead that did it or the excitement of a day with Toots and his 4x5 over on the west side. Mr Toots is 'doing' a project. When I say 'doing' I mean has actually started a project he has been talking about for at least 8 years to my knowledge. I'd dragged his out of his gaff earlier as the sun was shining - and I know he likes that. Took his Tootship to Callanish harbour - or do I mean pier? Wherever, Toots did get a shot of the thing having surveyed the place thoroughly until the sun went it. Not sure that was the purpose but still, we got a cuppa at the ever-expanding cafe there and took in those stone things [yawn] and then Carloway.

See, that's Toots wrestling his 4x5 into shape, exposing a sheet or two on his project - of which I shall say no more as it's his prerogative / perspective to bluster about.


Michael McNeill said...

Northern Lights and Blood Moons. The Internet is awash with beautifully unrealistic never-seen-by-humans-only-by-digital-camera-sensor images.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Don't even mention those snaps! I live in the middle of the northern lights at times... but don't have an image of it at all as it happens. I can see them on the web if I like, but I seem to rather not, these days.