Friday, October 09, 2015

That's my soggy biscuit

No, doesn't cut my biscuit either, but I was there, had a camera in my hand with film and there you are. Rock, electricity poles and water.

Had a a nice day though.


ADRIAN said...

I would be very pleased with this shot. I used to clone out power lines, pylons and poles but now leave them in along with wheely bins. They don't look good but they are a fact of life.

Roy Karlsvik said...

I kind of like the poles... for some odd reason. At least I like the old style of poles, the wooden ones with cables running from one to the other in the air. Not to fond of the new steel poles just standing there without a visible cable, but that's a different story. Some of them looks like a work of art when you take a closer look. I like rocks as well... so yes, I like your snap a lot. It's just my way of saying what I want, using a lot of words to get it done.