Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pah! And again Pah!

I think I mean Pah anyway. I feel like I mean Pah.

Not the image - that's obviously a masterpeice. Taken while I was alive during the Middle Ages. You can tell that by the faces and the stances can't you? I had to pretend I didn't know about photography at the time - which wasn't too difficult as no-one knew what photography was. I must have tuned into Futurist Dynamic photography as well - only that had yet to be realised by anyone. Or maybe I dreamt that?

Just climbed out the damp hovel that is my darkroom, blinking into the rain-soaked sky wondering why I had bothered. Sloshed this and that, shined a light through the other but nothing terrific to show for it tbh. Nothing half-terrific either. That's why I said 'Pah'.


ADRIAN said...

Never heard of this so thank you.

Dave said...

Is a useful word; I save it for use in church.