Monday, November 30, 2015

Fluffy cat

That caught your attention. I had to do it. Blog visits are down a bit so a quick jab in the rear with fluffy cat image and all will be saved. Probably.

Only it's not just a fluffy cat, it's Her Highness Henrietta Cartier-Bresson out on the early morning covering of hail-like snow. She just loves it! Had a couple of days of this last weekend. And a wee breeze too. We strolled a bit and then stayed in the warm of the wee housey.


Roy Karlsvik said...

Let me just say that since the impressions from those tires in the snow, or hail, was done just this way... and since HHHCB decided to place herself in just that spot, I really both hope and think blog visits has increased a wee bit?! Because it's a nice snap, of course.

gz said...

It's the scrunchiness under the paws that gets her!