Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Somewhere, hiding in the dark recesses of a bag in a cupboard at the top of our stairs is my trusty Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim plastic fantastic camera. I paid all of £1 for it some years back and it's brill. Mostly.
No controls bar the shutter button and wind on. How good is that? If the light suits the film you have in it, you are sorted. It wasn't in this case so I adjusted the colour a bit. I'm allowed. I'm old and everything. I must try and remember to remind myself to find the thing again.

I used to good effect before.


gz said...


Graham Edwards said...

Those were the days: the original point and shoot cameras. The 'used to good effect before' photo is outstanding (in my humble opinion).

Michael McNeill said...

I agree with Mr Edwards.