Monday, December 21, 2015

Festive thanks

It's that time of year again just about. The Festival of Over-Consumption is on us once again all wrapped up in what ever guise is your thing.

Thanks everso for visiting my little blogette dear reader - whoever and wherever you are, whether I have met you in person or not. It pleases me greatly to hear from you and to show you the odd world we live in from my point of view.

Take very good care everyone, go forward safely and have a fine old time doing what you like to do. Smile a bit more, hug more too and all will be as well as can be.


A Heron's View said...

I have been here 5 or 7 times enjoying myself quietly and creeping about softly.
I shall be good, not allowed to over indulge having discovered self discipline late in life, though not so late that I can't have FUN !

ADRIAN said...

Thank yo for the inspiration and entertainment.
Happy Christmas.

Dave said...

Enjoy yourselves and don't forget to tie your roof down.
I'm just about to lower the portcullis, raise the drawbridge and lock the doors for a week until the mayhem has past by; I may over induldge a little. ;-)

gz said...

Thankyou for giving us a good place to visit..and making us think!

Harvey said...

I love the little haven that is Boxes and Bellows. I come here very often but I don't say much. Like a favourite place, just being there is enough to lift the spirits so thankyou, and happy holidays to you and alll.

John said...

Harvey - You might not say very much, and neither do I, but I very much agree with you. That was nicely put.

Thank you Ms Boxes and Ms Bellows and Merry Crimble.

Michael McNeill said...

Thanks for sharing your life and work. I hope Santa is good to you.