Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Whoa! What's this all about then?

Colour film and everything.

I have a pal who happens these days to hang about a lot awaiting a weather window so he can fly out to a rig  or associated floaty things and twiddle knobs or some such like thing. He contacted me the other day having raided an exclusive high-class shoppe in Aberdeen and found some Agfa Vista film for £1 a roll. That's about 1351 North Korean Won.

He, my good pal bought some film for me then went off playing boats. On our recent visit to Inverness I happened upon a similar establishment and went in looking this time for some quality reading glasses that I can afford to sit on or lose. I got hem but I also saw some of the Agfa film so bagged a few rolls. Seems to work fine - or it did in Cromarty anyway. Nice snap of Eve trying to suck the world - or part of it - into her pixel-catching-communication-device.


ADRIAN said...

I did hear that ASDA were selling similar film but not in 120 unfortunately.

Graham Edwards said...

Try Lidl.

Colin MacAlpine said...

Chortle chortle :-)

Colin MacAlpine said...

Chortle chortle :-)