Thursday, January 07, 2016

I need a focus

Go out. Look at something. See what camera I happen to have with me. Snap it up.

That's been my modus operandi of late and it's boring me. I need to get stuck in with a project. Take proper snaps and print in the darkroom. I just need some inspiration.

Any going spare?


ADRIAN said...

I find close up or macro a real challenge especially with film. It's difficult with digital but it is the area where pixels really are superior. By the time the tiny creatures appear you will have got your eye in.
Build a Harris shutter to use the colour film with.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Inspiration sucks when it's not there... that's pretty safe to say!
I have been looking a bit through your flickr snaps lately, just because I'm suffering a bit with the same issues. No inspiration, or maybe it's a total lack of imagination or my eyes are not working as they used to do? I don't know.
I thought that maybe a good look around flickr could help me a bit, and maybe it will if I give it a few more days?
I find it a bit difficult to look at the old things around me with new eyes, so that could be a challenge for you as well... for all I know.
Or you could simply go to your darkroom, pick a few old negatives and try to make something else and good out of them in some way. See if inspiration hit you like a hammer one of the few next days?
There you see... I'm a well of very good ideas of what's going to work for other people. I would love to have my ideas work for myself as well :)
It will come back, though. The focus you are trying to find. I hope it will do the same for me as well :)

astrobeck said...

What if...
you thought about things internally instead of externally as you see them and instead shot as how you feel them. I love your photos, I'm almost like a stalker, but not in a creepy way, I visit every day. I find inspiration here, so it makes me feel better to know you have similar blocks and look for focus. As artists or whatever it is popular to call ourselves these days, it must be a common thing to look for inspiration . Maybe it's the New Year doing it, making us feel like we need to reset.
I'll be standing by to see what you do. Just reading about your area and seeing your portraits of the landscape is very calming.
Have a wonderful 2016.

WeeDram said...

I've found periods of quiet and photographic inactivity can be necessary. Just sitting and looking, even if the looking is without seeing