Sunday, February 21, 2016


This is Callum. He works in An Lanntair our lovely arts centre. I like Callum. Actually, I like them all in there but Callum and I go back some. Maybe a year. When He had a proper job. Anyway, he always has a smile when you see him. Granted this must have been an exception. The only time I've ever seen him not smiling - except when he is playing his bass banjo thing. Then he is not allowed to smile - uncool and all that I'm told. Does a mean foot shuffle when he plays too. I tried to get him to listen to Mr Bruce , Mr Mingus or better still Colin Hodgkinson [yes go on, clicky. You know you want to. I'll be waiting here ] but it goes straight over his golden locks. Kids eh?
I still like him - even if his smile goes when the film - AgfaVista in this case - is exposed in his direction.


ADRIAN said...

I clicked and enjoyed the click.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Ahh... and there it was again. That great performance of "Politician".
Will make the day be good, me thinks.