Saturday, February 20, 2016

On the way out

Sometime back, against my better judgment and fueled merely by the thought of saving money I bought some cheap HP5 off the tinternet. Bad move. It was cheap but obviously had been well cooked in  a warehouse somewhere and was fogged extensively. Even though it had  been a nightmare to use, my inner cheapskateness stopped me from heaving it into the bin.
I tried Rodinal DDX and all sorts of developers including most recently PQ Universal with the film at 800asa. It works! But not well at all. Oh, well I think I should chuck the rest out.

@800 - PQ universal 1:10 5mins

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Roy Karlsvik said...

It just makes me think I'm such a newbie to it all... even though I've been struggling a bit around in the same game for quite a few years now. Since the mid 70's, as it happens. All this talking about developers and techniques I hardly have heard of and all... I got my Rodinal, HC-110, D-76 and a very few others that I might use on an odd day. And that's it... more or less. Anyway, looks like as this one is as good as anything to me, right here and now anyway.