Monday, March 21, 2016

I know, I know. I have some colour film

See, proper colour film and everything. Developed at the local photographic emporium.

Told you the weather has been good recently. I mean, that's the sea and everything. Hardly a ripple in sight. And a boat. Did I tell you about the boat? No? Well that's a boat. It's not our boat. It a fish herding boat or something like that.

Notice the horizon? That's because we live oop northish. Look on a globe and you'll see it's sloping down from here. Don't tell me I can't snap reality.


Roy Karlsvik said...

You are totally right about the horizon thing, Andrea. It's exactly the same out here at sea. I was looking through my window today, and it was definately leaning over - the horizon. In the opposite direction to your snap here, oddly enough, but that's probably because my cabin is on the port side of the ship?
Nice colors there, I must say. Makes me want to give one of my few color films a chance before they grow down in moss and fungus, or whatever these things grow down in...

gz said...