Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We have been off-island

When I say we have been off-island, what I mean is that we have been off this island and onto another. We have been on Dry Island or, Islonia as they call it. They being the current owners of the place. I'll tell you more about our stay if you like. Suffice to say we had a wonderful time.

I took the little Pentax Espio Mini to play with - here using Foma200. Shot from the little cabin where we stayed.

Her Highness Hetty is now home after her brief stay in Colditz while we were away. I think she is pleased to be back!


Michael McNeill said...

Looks like a pretty fine place to find yourself in.

McGregor said...

. . . a wonderful time, as one might expect of such a fair place. Thank you.

Evelyn Dunstan said...

It was really lovely... a proper holiday too, good weather and the best company!

Roy Karlsvik said...

Sure looks great, and a proper website and all :)
And ofcourse I would like you to tell us more about it.