Saturday, March 12, 2016

Maybe it's because I think I'm posh

Not Posh as in un-singing thin thing or the football team but posh. You know the sort of thing - Bathonians for instance. Oh, that's me. As it happens. Maybe that's why I think I'm better than I am.

And Mr Bebbington. A really nice photist from near Bath who takes some grand images. Seems to be mainly in USA and Crete these days but I still love his HOLGA snaps in Bath. Well worth a look. Lovely chap as it happens too.

I'm planning a visit to see my sisters soon. To the south and all that. Off to Nam  to see little sis Jill and family and then the Levels where my fully honeyed up Master Bee Taming sister Lynne lives.

In this convoluted way I lead you gently on to this snap of the bee houses that were up the road here and now, are further up the road here. Tis a wonder them bees can find anything to eat at all here at any time!


Dave said...

Enjoy the trip and family.

Roy Karlsvik said...

I followed your posted link, Andrea. Most of them anyway, as I never got any further than to Mr. Phil Bebbington. I somehow got stuck in there somewhere, and have not been able to get out of there as for yet. Thanks a lot for leading me into that direction :))

Michael McNeill said...

Some nice work by that Bebbington chap. Thanks for the link.