Sunday, March 13, 2016

Old snaps

I've been wrestling reprobates to the ground - metaphorically speaking anyway. Taken up my time earning crust and so on. Life eh?
The damp again has seen to another headlight bulb in the vehicle. Made night driving on single-track roads with wandering sheeps and deer a tad anxious making I can tell you. Still, I'm back home stroking the sleeping cat [HHHCB] and supping Hendriks Gin and a little tonic. I'm relaxing now and sifting through some old negs. See [above], I was using krappy plastic panoramic cameras in Manc way back when. Salford to be exact. Greta theatre there BTW.

Oh, and some track cycle racing - behind motorbikes - as they do/did.

Oh, I like old snaps

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