Monday, March 28, 2016

Our little holiday

We went on a little holidayette.
Did you know that? You should do if you are a regular lurker here. We wus on another island as it happens. Lovely time we had. Here lovely Eve is just about to enter Middle Earth on the path down to the boardwalk that eventually leads to the pontoon bridgey thing that leads to the island. Just before Freddy the Fish showed up; Olly the Otter came into view; Dolphinium the Dolphin said hello, Sarah the Seal sallied by and Larry the Lobster greeted us warmly as we came off the pontoon.

That's sunlight on Eve's shoulders, not snow! Yes, the weather was warm and summer like all week. Summerlike for the mainland anyway. Not midges there but, one gets the feeling the little blighters might be thereabouts in the proper summer.

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steve said...

I'm thinking a children's book is in your future. Just think...Andrea the author..