Tuesday, March 29, 2016

there again

Yes, it is colour film. Just in case you think I have lost the plot! Yep, we looked out on that every day. Well, everyday the sun shone - which ws most days No wind either!

I might well have something new to show you soon. Been shooting some large format portraits on Toot's 8x10 with Toot's. Used some very old XP1 Toots had and then I developed it in Rodinal - as you do. looks lovely. Even if Toots would not smile when I shot him. Have done some contact prints too - but Toots has those.

Anyway, been good fun.

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Graham Edwards said...

I'm puzzled. Easily happens. I went to look at a Scottish scene with trees and mountains and a loch and things and, oh yes, a café that wasn't actually there. And it's all gone.