Monday, May 23, 2016

Black and spicy

Yes spicy - or so I'm told. Stornoway Black pudding. The one and only original Stornoway Black pudding made by Macleod & Macleod or is it Charles Macleod or here at MacDonalds. Who cares it's all dead animals and shouldn't be eaten me thinks.
Still, I can't help be mesmerized by all the bits of animals in the window. Although not in a good way.

They go mad for the stuff up here. Any excuse to eat the stuff.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

I'm trying to find words to take some of the burden off my shoulders. Can't find any as for yet, anyway.
I have tasted the mentioned product once, down in England somewhere in one of the B&B's with a few stars on the wall. It was totally worth waiting for, to put it that way.
But yes, it's made of animals for sure.