Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I mean; have you actually been here?

I have been here. I live here. That's what I do. Mostly.
Here in North Tolsta. But I shall show more of the delights of Stornoway, our small capitol - or at least one bit of it.

Not sure what happened here but this is definitely one bit of Stornoway.

This is another bit. By the harbour - although it's all by the harbour really. This bit is just a t ad nearer. So near that if you keep walking another 50ft past that little wheeled cafe, you'll fall in and be over-kissed by Sammi the seal.

No, I hadn't been in the pub. It's an individual style. Just not a well developed style yet!

Oh, it's a buzzing place right enough.


Graham Edwards said...

So buzzing you occasionally meet one of the people whose cars fill every nook and cranny parking space in the town.

Roy Karlsvik said...

I like that individual style a lot.
And no, I have not been there. Not yet, anyway. Hope to, some day.
Looks buzzing enough to my eyes, I have to say :))