Thursday, May 05, 2016

Family; who'ed have em?

I like my family. I mean, we get on well. Mostly. Unless I've got the grumps or something.

This is sister Lynne. Master bee keeper and about ten other hats that she wears with confidence. That boy by her is Joby - her son. There's a baby in that movable bed thing. You can see the hand as it tries to climb out, crawl across the grass and eat the bees. Like they do. We saw a 'baby' like that at the ballet we went to last week in Cardiff. Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty [gorgeous since you ask. See it]. The baby turned out to be a puppet at the ballet. It stopped moving when you ignored it. And didn't make a noise. Maybe we should have taken this baby to see the ballet so she got the idea.

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Graham Edwards said...

I'm a tad envious of your ballet visit. I used to go to the ballet a lot in New Zealand.